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Math Print Two Piece PJ Set


Celebrate your child's unique personality and encourage an early love of education and learning with our exclusive Math Print collection.  

Send the message to that child in your life that s/he is smart, creative and can achieve anything they put their mind and abilities to.  Perfect for the expecting math lover in your life or for the dynamic kiddo who is so much more than a princess. Let's raise empowered kids together!

  • 100% silky soft Peruvian Cotton
  • Cuffed at the wrists and ankles so can be worn longer if too large initially
  • Gender neutral print means sisters and brothers can both wear these
  • Versatile style as the top and bottom can be worn together or as separates
  • Meant to be worn, washed and handed down without fading or pilling
  • Wash and dry inside out before wearing to help clear out excess lint 

Sizing Information:

I would rather sizes run too big than too small so my sizes are generally a bit larger than other brands. This pajama set tends to run large, especially in the smaller sizes up to 6 years.  After 6 years, you could size up depending on your child. The arms and legs are cuffed so even if the fit is large, they won't drag on the floor. For reference, my tall 7 year old daughter is wearing a size 10 pajama. It is big on her but it's not cumbersome for her and she can wear it longer. My 50% percentile 5 year old son wears a size 6 for the same reason. If your child is below 6 years, I would get them the size of the age that they are unless you are okay with it being big so they can wear it longer.


Our best-selling print since 2017 and our most repurchased print by returning customers:



  • Why Peruvian Cotton?

Peruvian cotton is both silky and soft, among the finest cotton in the world. A combination of ideal climate and fertile soil in Peru create an environment where cotton plants thrive and produce long staple fibers, resulting in a luxurious touch and feel that is unrivaled. Once you start wearing Peruvian cotton, it's hard to go back. This premium touch, feel and breathability is what we at Asher Market are all about.

  • Are your items ethically sourced?

I have been working in Peru and cultivating relationships with artisans and brands there since 2012. Our working relationships contribute to the socio-economic development of various Peruvian communities where all families on our team thrive.

  • Is your brand sustainable?

By using remnant fabrics in our collections, we help reduce waste, conserve resources, and lessen the fashion industry's environmental footprint, contributing to a more circular and eco-friendly fashion ecosystem.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
All four of my kids love these PJ's!

These pajamas are not only adorable and fun, but super soft and comfortable. They have a more relaxed fit, but the cuff at the ankles and elasticated waist band allowed me to size up for my twins so they can get even more wear out of their sets. I also love how they could also easily be worn as separates. My nine year old is excited to wear his shirt to school to show off to his teacher! Meanwhile, my daughter is just ecstatic to have a set of PJ's that match her big brothers!

joyce jones

So cute

Linda Mason
Math for Everyone!

We gave purchased many many items in the incredible math print! Onesies, pjs, jackets for the preschoolers. Very special design and always looks good on every kid!

We Value Quality

We Value Quality

We stand by the quality of our collections and always want to ensure your family is happy.